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Mind Insight

Mind Insight helps to identify most appropriate medication to stabilize the patient as soon as possible

Psychotropic medicines, including antidepressants, antipsychotics and antimanic drugs, can be very effective for many patients but can cause side effects. These may include weight gain, raised cholesterol, diabetes, sedation, movement disorders, raised prolactin, sexual dysfunction and osteoporosis. Many patients stop taking their medicine as a result of these side effects.

Genetic differences can influence the way people respond to their medicine. It is possible that genetic testing could help to improve the way we adjust the dose of these medications and help to reduce side effects.

Mind Insight is a genetic test, developed by DNA Xperts, for use in neurology and psychiatry that identifies the safest and most appropriate medication for each individual patient by analyzing their DNA.

Mind Insight is a breakthrough in pharmacogenetics. It provides the most extensive genetic-based information on drug efficacy, metabolism and adverse effects. The test helps reduce the time spent identifying the most effective treatment choices for each patient. This allows for a faster stabilization of patients and better quality of life for patients.



Mind Insight provides information about:

Drug Response: Indicates the likelihood of positive or negative response to individual drugs, depending on the patient´s genetic profile

Adverse Reactions:  Indicates whether the patient has a higher-than-average risk of experiencing adverse effects when treated with particular drugs

Dose: Provides information about the genetic factors that control activation, distribution and clearance of some drugs, thus helping to identify the most appropriate dose for the patient

The test is typically performed by a saliva sample. The test kit includes all the material and documents to order the test and collect the sample. The Mind Insight test report contains specialized information that requires the interpretation of a medical professional. Therefore any test request must be signed by a doctor.

ADHD Insight

ADHD Insight: Each person is unique, Your medications now, too.

ADHD Insight is a genetic test that helps identify the safest and most suitable medication for individuals with ADHD, and also analyzes genetic variants linked to ADHD susceptibility and related comorbidities.

“Research conducted in recent decades has shown that drug response may be conditioned up to 85% by genetic factors depending on the drug in question. From the genetic point of view, we all differ and such differences contribute to each person responding to drugs in a different way”.


Project Design/Advice Assistance

This is a non-invasive test where your saliva will be collected in a special tube. This test includes next-generation sequencing assays to evaluate for mutations in the relevant genes. Results are generally available in four to six weeks.  Your doctor will discuss your results with you.