Genetic Counselling

Talk to One of Our Genetic Counselling Specialists

We understand that patients pursuing genetic testing or IVF have a lot of questions. Whether you’re curious about which test is right for you, what your results mean, or how to make the next decision in your family planning journey, we are here to help.

DNA Xperts has a team of highly experienced genetic counsellors in the IVF field. We believe education is a critical component of building a healthy family, and we want to help you make informed decisions regarding genetic testing. Please reach out to our customer care specialists to inquire about a consultation with a certified genetic counsellor.

Project Design/Advice Assistance

Our PregaSight services are performed by a group of specially trained and experienced scientists in a streamlined workflow under the supervision of a qualified clinician. Please contact our technical support or genetic counselling team with details of your requirement or any questions you many have.