Covid Solutions

With an unprecedented increase in the number of cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 disease, DNA Xperts has taken their proven strength in developing infectious disease diagnostics by ramping up their manufacturing under the Make in India initiative and has proudly launched two diagnostic tests for this virus, a real-time PCR based nucleic acid detection kit and a Viral Transport Medium Kit, for the domestic and international market.

Given the severity of this infection, DNA Xperts’ response has been thoughtful and swift with the launch of 2 different diagnostic kits:

ISO 13485: 2016
ISO 9001: 2015


Fastest RT-PCR Kit in the market – RNA to PCR results in 57 mins!

The kit has been developed based on CDC guidelines * & Validated by NIV/ICMR

The kit is compatible with various Real Time PCR instruments available in the market and is highly scalable.

Highly Sensitive – Superior limit of detection

Highly Specific – Zero cross reactivity with other respiratory viruses, 100% homology with all published SARS-CoV-2 sequences

User Friendly – Easy to use protocol

Compatible with most qPCR technologies available:

  1. Thermo Scientific – Step One, Step One Plus, QS3, QS5, QS8 , Dx 7500
  2. Roche LC480
  3. Biorad – CFX96
  4. Qiagen
  5. Eppendorf
The Xpert COVIDO Viral Transport Medium Kit is designed for efficient collection of virus samples for molecular detection. The kit has been tested for viability of viral samples during transport for better test results. The transport medium provides the pH balanced environment and contains antibiotics to inhibit any bacterial or fungal growth. The sample collection swab is chosen for better comfort of the patient. The Xpert COVIDO Viral Transport Medium Kit is a fast, safe and convenient system for transport of samples to the testing site. Sample collection swabs are of the best quality and tested to be leak proof while transportation.

Project Design/Advice Assistance

All of DNA Xperts products are manufactured under controlled sterile conditions following regulatory guidelines. Please contact our technical team or business development team for your requirements at