We Provide Personalized Flow Cytometry Based Cell Counting and Cell Sorting Services

DNA Xperts provides users the technological resource and technical assistance for high quality, multi-parameter flow cytometry analyses and sorting.
Our flow lab provides state-of-the-art flow cytometry services to support all researchers, biotech, clinical trial and pharmaceutical companies in the process of drug development.
We provide full flow cytometry services (FACS services) from experimental design to specimen processing, acquisition, and data analysis. Our services are capable of cell counting and sorting from homogeneous or mixed cell populations.

We pride ourselves on the ability to customize any flow cytometry assays to meet our client’s needs. We have extensive experience in data collection and analysis utilizing both straight-forward and complex gating strategies.

What is flow cytometry good for?

  • millions of cells can be analyzed within a short period of time
  • various properties of these cells can be analyzed simultaneously (multiparametric analysis)
  • it provides statistical information very quickly
  • isolation of highly pure subpopulations of interest from a heterogeneous cell suspension by Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)

Flow cytometry allows the simultaneous measurement of:

  • relative cell size
  • cellular complexity (e.g. intracellular granules/granularity or multi-nucleated cells)
  • relative fluorescence intensity (e.g. of endogenously expressed fluorochrome reporters or fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies)

Project Design/Advice Assistance

All of DNA Xperts’ Flow Cytometry services are performed by a group of specially trained and experienced scientists in a streamlined workflow. Please contact our technical support team with details of your project requirements at SUPPORT@dnaxperts.com  and we would be happy to work with you on confirming the details of your flow cytometry order.