Helps To Understand How Glycans Relate To A Particular Biological Agent

Glycomics is the systematic study that focuses on determining the structure and function of the complete set of glycans and glycoconjugates and identifying the genes that encode glycoproteins in cell, tissue, organism, or other living systems. Glycoproteomics can also identify when a site is glycosylated (occupancy) and obtain structural and quantitative composition of each glycan. Because of the complexity and variability in protein glycosylation, glycoproteomics and glycomics approaches are complementary and, when used together, can create a more complete picture of the system. The ultimate goal of glycomics and glycoproteomics is to obtain comparisons between species, developmental states, disease conditions, etc. Interpretation, data analysis, and comparative studies are facilitated by modern bioinformatic tools and databases.


Although protein glycosylation is conserved, genome sequence analysis does not reveal the actual glycan composition of a cell or tissue. Cell type, metabolic and developmental states, availability of nutrients and other variables determine the biosynthetic pathway responsible for glycoprotein production. In systems biology, the composition of glycans cannot be predicted and has to be experimentally elucidated.

Numerous techniques and analytical methodologies have been developed and applied to take on large-scale analyses of the glycome. These approaches can potentially lead to profound insights about the roles of glycans in nature and how they involve in all aspects of biology, health, and disease.

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Core Services
  • N-Glycan Profiling
  • O-Glycan Profiling
  • N-Glycosylation Site Occupation Analysis
  • O-Glycosylation Site Occupation Analysis
  • N-Glycan Linkage Analysis
  • O-Glycan Linkage Analysis
  • Structural Characterization of Glycans
  • Glycopeptides Analysis
  • Poysaccharide Analysis
  • Peptidoglycan Structure Analysis

Project Design/Advice Assistance

All of DNA Xperts’ Glycomics services are performed by a group of specially trained and experienced scientists in a streamlined workflow. Please contact our technical support team with details of your project requirements at  and we would be happy to work with you on confirming the details of your glycomics order.